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Pondicherry is a charming little town filled with history, spirituality, French heritage, beautiful beaches, calm & well planned white town streetscapes, handicrafts and unique life style.  Pondicherry is divided into quiet & tranquil white town and active Indian town wherein the architecture & streetscapes completely differs. 

The history dates way back to pre-historic days.  It is believed that Vedapuri-the old name of Pondicherry was the seat for the great sage Agasthya.  Later this fishing village turned out as one of the major port of trade during Greco-Roman period, the excavations at Arikenmedu makes a proof for this.

Then  Pondicherry came under the Pallavas, Cholas, Vijayanagara Kingdom and sultans until the European settlements stepped in.  The Dutch, Portuguese, Danes, English and French influenced Pondicherry.  But it was French who had control over 280 years.

Pondicherry and Auroville are exposed to multi-cultural activities and may be this is one of the places where travellers can get exposed to so many languages, cultures and societies within a small area.  Pondicherry offers lots to be experienced rather than just glancing through.  It has a perfect blend of west and lndia, which makes Pondicherry  very special among the Indian and foreign tourists. 

Location Map Of Pondicherry

AREA 293
POPULATION 9.46 Lakhs (2011 census)
LANGUAGES Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, French & English
MONSOON Aug-Sept & Nov-Jan
CLIMATE Hot & Humid [26°C - 40°C]  
AIRPORT Chennai International [140 kms]
RAILWAY Pondicherry & Villupuram [40 kms]
ROAD Well connected with road to all major cities

Around Pondicherry

  • Auroville [15 kms]
  • Tiruvannamalai [105 kms]
  • Chidambaram [74 kms]
  • Kancheepuram [130 kms]
  • Gingee [75 kms]
  • Karaikal [135 kms]
  • Mamallapuram [98 kms]
  • Tanjore [170 kms]