"Each time we travel to a destination, use local transport, buy products from a local market, utilise the local sevice providers.  Thus we contribute to a long value chain that creates jobs, provides livelihoods, empowers local communities and ultimately brings in new opportunities for a better future."  - UNWTO

We are locally based company, with 12 years of existence in tourism Industry & made notable contributions for the development of tourism.  We have the biggest strength of being a small team, we know every customer by name & their needs.

All our team members are born & spent their days in pondicherry passing by the changes, heard the stories of French days from the grand parents, use French words without realising it is French, take baguette (roll rotti) for breakfast, love to take a siesta and take a evening walk on the beach promenade.

Bienvenue à Pondichéry.

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  • Direct access to our office in the City Centre.
  • A strong network of trusted suppliers.
  • Updated information & local knowledge.
  • Accessible personally or over the phone during an emergency or when assistance is needed.
  • All our bookings are made with Hotels / Vendors personally.

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Explore Pondicherry

Starts from Rs. 14,600/- (2 Adults + 1 child)

Pondicherry & Auroville.


Pondicherry & Tranquebar

Starts from Rs. 19,900/- (2 Adults + 1 child)

Pondicherry, Auroville & Tranquebar - The Danish Museum, Fort & Beach.


Pondicherry & Navagraha Temples

Starts from Rs. 22,600/- (2 Adults + 1 child)

Pondicherry city tour & 9 temples dedicated for Navagraha / Nine Planets.


Pondicherry, Mamallapuram & Chennai

Starts from Rs. 18,700/- (2 Adults + 1 child)

Pondicherry, Auroville, Mamallapuram, Dakshina Chitra & Chennai city tour.