250 Essential Japanese Kanji Characters, Volume 1 by Kanji Text Research Group University of Tokyo

By Kanji Text Research Group University of Tokyo

"This is the easiest kanji e-book to be had this present day. Designed for novices with a simple wisdom of jap to exploit within the lecture room on for self–study."—Modern Language Journal
Everyday initiatives like discovering a highway handle or paying for a teach price ticket could be a trial in Japan should you don't learn kanji–the approach of eastern writing in response to chinese language characters. a bunch of academics from the distinguished collage of Tokyo have pooled their abilities to create 250 crucial eastern Kanji Characters in volumes: a pragmatic option to study the kanji most often utilized in way of life in Japan. every one lesson is helping you grasp a brand new crew of kanji, utilizing a really powerful procedure that specializes in you, the learner, taking an energetic part.
• Introductory Quizzes introduce daily events the place you come across kanji.
• Vocabulary sections assist you comprehend the readings and meanings of the kanji.
• New personality Charts educate you new kanji systematically—for each one personality you'll examine its meanings, its easy on–kun readings, its stroke order, universal compounds, and derivations.
• perform sections assist you increase your abilities in spotting and utilizing the kanji.
• complex Placement examination perform Questions for every lesson persist with the structure of the varsity forums eastern Language and tradition exam.

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Thus 攻 means attacking in a straightforward way. 攵 is often used to indicate that the whole kanji is a verb. 48 専門 専攻する せんこうする 攻撃する こうげきする senkō suru to specialize/major in kōgeki suru to attack saki, sen さき、セン ahead, earlier, previous 先 combines feet and legs, the parts of the body that lead a man as he walks. Thus 先 means ahead or previous. indd 45 4/2/08 1:40:35 PM LESSON 4 49 本 moto, hon, (bon), (pon) もと、ホン、(ボン) 、(ポン) origin, main; book; counter for long slender objects Adding a line to the base of 木 tree, 本 means basic, origin, or main.

Kin yōbi Friday 11. 土曜日 ど よう び do yōbi Saturday 12. 休日 きゅう じつ kyūjitsu holiday, day off 13. 平日 へい じつ heijitsu ordinary day, weekday 1 1 2 2 4. 祭日 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 New Characters Eleven characters are introduced in this lesson. Use the explanations to help you understand and remember the characters. Study the compound words to increase your vocabulary. 曜 火 水 木 金 土 平 成 年 祝 祭 26 曜 yō ヨウ day of the week 曜 combines 日 sun, wings, and 隹 fat bird. The sun flying on a bird’s wings suggests a day of the week.

9. せん こう 10. ほん せい 11. する と teacher 13. きょう し city 15. にゅう がく book と 14. ぶん きょう し 16. ちょう め 七 entrance ceremony 5 Japanese language City of Kyoto しき ご 日 to major in 12. ほん く Bunkyo Ward 17. め 二日 the 7th block the 2nd day Advanced Placement Exam Practice Question The setting is Bunkyo Ward’s civic center hall. During Golden Week, people are having an international party for the foreigners living in this ward. Four young people are introducing themselves in a circle. Read their statements and answer the following questions.

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