A Journey Through Ancient China: From the Neolithic to the by Han Zhongmin, Hubert Delahaye

By Han Zhongmin, Hubert Delahaye

A trip via historical China takes the reader on a voyage of discovery from the Neolithic Age to the Ming Dynasty of the 17th century. it's the so much lavishly illustrated e-book to be released at the wonders of chinese language archeology. It finds and illustrates the 10 so much striking archeological websites unearthed in China considering 1949. outstanding exhibitions of a few of those discoveries have rotated the globe long ago few years, showing the unbelievably wealthy historical past of the oldest non-stop civilization on earth-but right here in a single quantity are the main awesome of those artistic endeavors including these by no means publicly exhibited.

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Chinese forget, scholars, to whom ture, very rarely a sinocentric outlook mention the striking is often second na- similarities between the decorative motifs of pottery found in Lanzhou, Jiuquan and Gansu and those of in other sites in made tionally the pottery tradi- in sites near the Caspian Sea. Likewise, cannot help but note the similarities one between the motifs and forms of the Neolithic pottery unearthed in the north- ern zones of Inner Mongolia and Manchuria and those of the Siberian cultures.

This China but other been found vince and clear that at cities is one of the oldest known cities in with similar cultural features have Pauloncheng, Huangpi district, Hubei pro- Wucheng, Qinjiang, Jiangxi and it has become the Shang culture, which was once believed to be at restricted to the middle region of the Huanghe, in fact ex- tended through large parts of the valley of the Chanjiang and of the Hansui, where it persisted for a long time. The Shang tombs discovered 44 in the region of Peking and in Shandong and Hebei have provided Shang culture.

MH^H^HHHHB This provides proof that at that time the characteristics of iron and it was possible A casting. at Liujiahe, to forge and fix it to a bronze object by found similar artefact has been Pinggu were already known in a Shang tomb district, Beijing. In the Shang period the art of bronze reached mature its phase with a sophisticated technology. The objects display a great variety of original and refined forms with splendid decorations. In the ruins of Yin high and weighing 875 kg. has been found.

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