A Million Ways to Die in the West by Seth MacFarlane

By Seth MacFarlane

From the writer of Family Guy and director of Ted comes a hilarious first novel that reinvents the Western.

Mild-mannered sheep farmer Albert Stark is bored stiff with the cruel lifetime of the yankee frontier, the place it sort of feels every thing and something can kill you: Duels at excessive midday. Barroom brawls. toxic snakes. Cholera-infected ingesting water. Tumbleweed abrasion. whatever known as "toe-foot." Even a visit to the outhouse. certain, there are one million how you can die within the wild, wild West, and Albert plans to prevent all of them. a few humans imagine that makes him a coward. Albert calls it good judgment. but if his female friend dumps him for the main unbearable man on the town, Albert makes a decision to struggle back—even although he can't shoot, trip, or throw a punch. thankfully, he groups up with a stunning gunslinger who's difficult sufficient for the either one of them. regrettably, she's married to the largest, meanest, so much jealous bad-ass at the frontier. seems Albert has simply chanced on one million and one how one can die within the West.

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