Advanced Drying Technologies by Tadeusz Kudra

By Tadeusz Kudra

"Presents the newest breakthroughs in thermal dehydration, drying, and dewatering. Emphasizes rising apparatus, leading edge recommendations, and least expensive recommendations for quite a few business and agricultural functions. deals category and choice standards for brand spanking new and complex drying systems."

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4. 5. 6. 4 TRENDS IN DRYING RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to make definitive statements about the direction drying technologies will take in the next several decades. Most of the developments in this field have occurred in the last three or four decades. As the general standard of living around the world rises along with the population of the world, it is obvious that the need for drying technologies will increase. New demands will be made on better energy efficiency, lower environmental impact via legislative measures, utilization of renewable energy for drying, better-quality products at lower total costs.

An additional toroidal collector mounted above the 44 Chapter 4 collector for liquid feed provides secondary air directed against the fluidizing air. The combined action of the liquid spray and air jets results in ‘‘confinement’’ of the fluid bed, thus reducing its dynamic bed height without losing advantages of a highly turbulent motion. Heating of liquid prior to spraying up to 70°C and heating the inert packing permit processing of heat-sensitive substances such as protein concentrates or saccharose solutions.

Innovations trigger technological changes, which may be revolutionary or evolutionary. From our experience, we know that the latter are more common. , a need exists currently for the product or process. These usually result from a linear model 22 Chapter 3 of the innovation process (an intelligent modification of the dominant design is an example). Revolutionary innovations, on the other hand, are few and far between, have longer gestation periods, may have larger market resistance, and are often a result of ‘‘technology-push,’’ where the development of a new technology elsewhere prompts design of a new product or process for which market demand may have to be created.

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