Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Official Competition Adventure: by Bob Blake

By Bob Blake

The logo is of the traditional king, the hot button is to the royal tomb and the magic is there to restore the king, yet the place is he buried? 32-page book with 2 covers.

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If the characters choose not to reveal their purpose, the women are adopted into the tribe and the men stripped of all their possessions and penned in with the other slaves. Escape from this sad state of affairs is possible, though the characters are now truly alone in a hostile land and are attacked on sight by both tribes of amazons, not to mention the prehistoric jungle denizens. mimics the shape of the altar. " Ardel answers, "I and these wanderers from a far place seek guidance from the great god.

The heat is very oppressive, the area being redly lit by ribbons of lava somehow contained in the walls. A 20 foot wide opening on the far side points deeper towards the volcano's heart. In the center of this chamber is a triangular shaped altar, carved from solidified lava, its peak pointing towards the far opening. At this peak stands a women, wearing a loincloth of red fabric and a medallion about her neck that (reversed) on the first round, thus preventing communication between characters for 10 rounds, then command (to "flee") on each of the next three rounds at random targets (except Ardel).

She then attempts a hold person spell on each of the next two rounds (on three targets per round, but not on Ardel). On round seven, Ardel casts a hold person (see encounter 6 for her spell capabilities) on the priestess, who fails her save. , nor with spell verbal components. It will cancel the bard's charm and suggestion abilities, as these are not spells per se. The 20-foot-square area north of the chamber has been magically trapped with a pearl from a necklace of missiles (5 HD) and fire glyph (18 points of damage).

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