Albanian Etymological Dictionary by Vladimir Orel

By Vladimir Orel

This quantity is a brand new compendium of Albanian etymology tracing hundreds of thousands of contemporary Albanian phrases again to their origins. It includes designated info at the Indo-European vocabulary preserved in Albanian in addition to on quite a few loanwords coming from old Greek, Latin, early Romance and Slavic. the traditional components of the Albanian vocabulary are used for the reconstruction in their Proto-Albanian starting place after which in comparison with their Indo-European parallels. The heritage of Indo-European phrases and of early loanwords in Albanian exhibits the heritage and tradition of the Albanian humans mirrored within the etymology of the Albanian language. The ebook additionally encompasses a brief caricature of Albanian old phonetics and an enormous bibliography. each access is generally documented and comprises prior etymological factors and interpretations.

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17; OREL ZfBalk XXIIII1 68). Another (and more rare) form briske goes back to South Slav *briebka preserved in Bulg brieka `razor with a handle', SCr brieka 'razor' (TAGLIAVINI Dalmazia 88). 0 MEYER Alb. St. 122 (correctly compares with Slav *brieb), Wb. 49, Alb. St. , brssnac'. > brssnie 'razor' - phonetically impossible); PISANI Saggi 126; CABEJ St. I 78 (prefers derivation from IE *bhrei- 'to cut, to shave' with suffix -sk-), Etim. II 327-328; OREL Koll. Idg. Ges. 355-356. britme m 'autumn month'.

A compound consisting of berth < birth (with a vocalic shift in the unstressed position) and ame; thus, berth-ame is something like 'mother of the fruit'. Its synonym, berthokel is to be analyzed as a formation with two suffixes -ok- and -Cl of the same root. 0 MEYER Wb. 34 (from Rom *petramen derived from petra `stone'); BARD ARSt. I 30 (divides berthame into be,' and tha(l)me, the latter to be compared with thelb); cABEJ St. I 63-64 (a derivative of bathe > *barthe), Eta)). II 213-214; MURATI Probleme 66-67 (root her-).

II 234. bind aor. binda `to convince, to persuade'. From PAlb *binda, a nasal present based on an unattested *beida related to be (BoPP 514; CAMARDA I 59). 0 MEYER Wb. 36 (to Goth bindan 'to tie' and its cognates), Alb. St. III 29, 33; BUGGE BB XVIII 163 (follows BOPP); JOKL 26 BIR BIRQ BISEDE BISHIAJE 27 apud WALDE-HOFMANN 1495 (to Skt badhate 'to push, to press'); PISANI Saggi 129; SCHMIDT KZ LVII 26; MANN Language XXVI 385; HAMP KZ LXXVII 253 (agrees with BOPP); cABEJ St. 1 66-67, Etim. II 235236 (from IE *bhedh-na); DEMIRAJ AE 101.

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