Alexandre Ribot: Odyssey of a Liberal in the Third Republic by M.E. Schmidt

By M.E. Schmidt

In 1878 Alexandre Ribot assumed his position on the left-center of the French Chamber of Deputies. From right here he all started a lifelong attempt to set up a average republic established upon his belief of liberal political values. The time appeared propitious to instill lofty objective into French political lifestyles, for his access into the Chamber coincided with the consolidation of the republican regime following the predicament of sixteen could. however the first wave of republican anti-clericalism published the fragility of Ribot's hopes. through the subsequent 40 years, successive dramatic levels in republican background - Boulangism, the Dreyfus Affair, separa­ tion of church and country, the emergence of socialism, and eventually, the calls for of wartime management - might try out Ribot's procedure of political values. Adaptive and resilient, he sophisticated his definition of liberalism based on political swap and the cost that his plea for liberty and toleration had develop into in its place sanctuary for a privileged category in French society.

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Typescript extract, Ribot MSS. 39 Speech by Ribot, Chamber of Deputies, 30 March 1885, An. Ch. Dibats, session ordinaire de 1885, p. 705. 40 Emile de Marcere, Entretiens et souvenirs politiques (Paris: A. Bellier et Cie, 1894), II, 29-30. 36 37 POLITICS AS A PROFESSION, 1878-1889 35 cost him votes in the forthcoming election. 41 Applause from his friends could not shake his misgivings. Ribot prepared for the elections of 1885 without enthusiasm, in the realization that the broader hopes which he had brought to politics had failed to materialize.

45 Departmental results, however, ruined this victory, for, as finally composed, the ballot included Ribot and Jonnart along with opportunists and one radical. This strange confection was held together only by common republican fear of the strong conservative current spreading in the north. Ribot's running mates accepted his familiar pleas for tolerance and moderation with a notable lack of enthusiasm. Conservative opponents hit this broad republican target by criticizing the anti-clerical measures of the recent Chamber, attacking four years of incessant colonial warfare (Ribot found that Ferry wasn't popular after all), and most devastatingly, connecting imperialism to the economic recession which had struck the agricultural north.

Foissey wrote to warn him that the Ferry legislation (and a concurrent bill to suspend immovability of the judiciary) threatened to push him into alliance with the monarchist and clerical right, thereby jeopardizing the "liberal" support that had elected Ribot in Calais. I5 It was obvious that opposition to the education bill, both in the Chamber and the Senate, required collaboration with unrepentant monarchists. Ribot faced the parliamentary problem of freeing the left-center from Cited in Brogan, The Development of Modern France, I, ISO.

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