All-American Girl by Meg Cabot

By Meg Cabot

Top Ten purposes Samantha Madison is in Deep Trouble

10. Her mammoth sister is the preferred lady in school

9. Her little sister is a professional genius

8. She's in love together with her monstrous sister's boyfriend

7. She received stuck promoting megastar images in school

6. And now she's being compelled to take paintings periods

5. She's simply kept the president of the United Statesfrom an assassination attempt

4. So the total international thinks she is a hero

3. even supposing Sam understands she is way, faraway from being a hero

2. And now she's been appointed teenager ambassador to the UN

And the number-one cause Sam's existence is over?

1. The president's son simply should be in love with her

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She pointed at the grapes I had drawn. “You’ve drawn some beautiful grapes. But they aren’t the grapes on the table. The grapes on the table aren’t so perfectly oblong, and they aren’t all the same size, either. ” I blinked down at the drawing pad. I didn’t get it. I really didn’t. I mean, I guess I sort of understood what she was saying, but I didn’t see what the big deal was. My grapes looked a lot better than anybody else’s grapes. Wasn’t that a good thing? The worst part of it was, I could feel everybody looking at me sympathetically.

But I feel like I have to. If I don’t attempt to thwart authority, how will I retain my integrity as an artist? “As if, Theresa,” is all I said, though. “Don’t you ‘as if Theresa’ me,” Theresa said. “I know you. Wearing that black all the time and playing that punk rock music—” “Ska,” I corrected her. ” The last of the motorcade passed by, and we were free to move again. ” I thought guiltily of the box of Midnight Whisper colorfast hair dye in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Had she seen it? Because in spite of what Theresa might think, having red hair is so not beautiful.

Jack wanted to know. “Or Pollock? ” He shook his head. “You stay true to your beliefs, Sam. You draw from your heart. If your heart says put in a pineapple, then you put in a pineapple. Don’t let the establishment tell you what to do. ” I don’t know how he does it, but somehow, Jack always says the right thing. Always. ” Catherine, calling me later that evening to discuss our Bio assignment, wanted to know. Our Bio assignment was to watch a documentary on the Learning Channel about people who have body dysmorphic disorder.

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