All Flesh Is Grass: The Pleasures and Promises of Pasture by Gene Logsdon

By Gene Logsdon

Amidst Mad Cow scares and buyer issues approximately how cattle are bred, fed, and raised, many farmers and homesteaders are rediscovering the normal perform of pastoral farming. Grasses, clovers, and forbs are the traditional vitamin of livestock, horses, and sheep, and are important vitamins for hogs, chickens, and turkeys. shoppers more and more search the well-being advantages of meat from animals raised in eco-friendly paddocks rather than in muddy feedlots.

In All Flesh Is Grass: The Pleasures and can provide of Pasture Farming, Gene Logsdon explains that well-managed pastures are nutritious and palatable—virtual salads for farm animals. Leafy pastures additionally carry the soil, foster biodiversity, and create beautiful landscapes. Grass farming can be the answer for a under pressure agricultural approach in response to an business version and propped up by means of federal subsidies.

In his transparent and conversational sort, Logsdon explains traditionally powerful practices and new concepts. His hot, informative profiles of winning grass farmers supply thought and ideas. His narrative is enriched through his personal event as a “contrary farmer” on his artisan-scale farm close to higher Sandusky, Ohio.

All Flesh Is Grass can have wide attract the sustainable advertisement farmer, the home-food manufacturer, and all shoppers who care approximately their food.

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One makes money; the other doesn’t. One of America’s great myths is that its universities can teach a person to become wealthy. It is all a scam. It would be about as easy to teach a hippopotamus to fly as to teach a farmer how to get rich, mostly because hippos aren’t interested in flying and most farmers aren’t interested in getting rich. After many years on the land, I know of only a few farmers who have made a lot of money from farming. For the few who did, it is more a matter of timely luck than method.

There is a sharp demand for grass-fed beef now. I think this taste debate is ridiculous. Certainly, the best of both grass- and corn-fed are very good if you like meat. Method of cooking is at least as important as method of feeding. The only notable dif- 16 CHAPTER ONE CH01_1-20 7/1/04 4:30 PM Page 17 ference in taste quality that I discern in various meats has nothing to do with how the animal is fed. All meat from all animals tastes better to me if it is produced and processed at home or at small local slaughterhouses.

For the few who did, it is more a matter of timely luck than method. If nature gives a farmer a break now and then and the farmer is wise, skillful, and very careful with money, he or she makes enough for a modestly comfortable living. What money is accumulated in addition comes from the rise in the value of farmland or from investments that prove in hindsight to be smart ones. Such money does not come directly from production farming. I speak to the people who understand that and are content to live and work with that reality.

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