Analog Interfaces for Digital Signal Processing Systems by Frank op 't Eynde, Willy M.C. Sansen

By Frank op 't Eynde, Willy M.C. Sansen

It is a brilliant honor to supply an advent for Dr. Frank Op 't Eynde's and Dr. Willy Sansen's publication "Analog Interfaces for electronic sign Processing Systems". the sphere of analog built-in circuit layout is present process fast evolution. The pervasiveness of electronic processing has significantly transformed the micro-system architectures: the analog a part of complicated combined platforms is progressively more driven on the boundary limits of the processing chain. additionally, the elevated functionality of electronic circuits, when it comes to accuracy and pace, are making the specification requisites of analog circuits very strict. as well as this, the expertise, provide voltage and tool intake of analog circuits has to be appropriate with these, average for electronic circuits. for this reason, in a number of phrases, analog circuits have gotten advanced and specialized interfaces among the true international and electronic sign processing domain names. This technological evolution might be observed by means of an equivalently quickly evolution in clothier capabilities. wisdom of advanced sign dealing with will be quick changed through information of easy yet very exact and intensely quick sign processing and an excellent historical past in information conversion recommendations. All of this by using the CMOS (and most likely BiCMOS) technology.

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In order to reduce the parasitic source and drain series resistances, multiple diffusion contacts are provided. The amplifier gain can be derived from scattering parameter measurements [3] [II]. In order to obtain proper 50 Ohm connections between the chip and the S- parameter test set, a dedicated packaging technique has to be developped: the amplifier chip is placed on a thick-film substrate with 50 Ohm striplines for the HF connections. The supply lines and the bias current are decoupled with high-Q SMD capacitors placed as close to the chip as possible.

D. is realised in a 3 Ilm double metal double poly n-well CMOS process [18-19]. It has a GBW of 150 MHz and a phase margin of 58° for a load capacitance of 2 pF. The second pole is designed at 600 MHz which is about the maximum value that can be obtained in this technology (see Fig. ). The transistor dimensions and currents are collected in Fig. 9. Fig. 10. shows a microphotograph of the chip. For the most critical transistors, a waffle layout is applied. The others are realised with an interdigitated layout.

Operational amplifiers are approximately resistive for frequencies well below the dominant pole. Since this pole is typically in the order of 10 Hz, an opamp is usually not a resistive circuit for the frequencies of interest. 4. a) is complex; it can never be applied in reality but is treated here in a mathematical way. b) are complex numbers, functions of <0 0 , that can be readily found from network analysis. Some examples will be discussed in the next paragraph. 1. 5. A. b), it can be seen that the second harmonic distortion is proportional to the input amplitude, the third harmonic distortion is proportional to the amplitude square, etc ...

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