Analyzing Politics: An Introduction to Political Science by Ellen Grigsby

By Ellen Grigsby

Reading POLITICS is a complete exam of the sector of political technological know-how. Taking a comparative technique, it examines quite a few subfields of political technology, together with tools, political concept, comparative politics, diplomacy, and U.S. politics. Exhaustive in its insurance of the fabric, reading POLITICS employs an in depth selection of containers, tables, charts, graphs, images, and cartoons to carry the reader's awareness.

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Scientists have often been slow to accept empirical data capable of falsifying scientific hypotheses and theories. Rather than rejecting a theory that some newly discovered observable facts would disprove, scientists have been more likely to come up with exceptions explaining away such facts. The inconvenient facts are judged to be exceptions, not falsifications. In such cases, Kuhn points out, scientists make judgments having nothing to do with scientific methods of empiricism. 71 This consideration leads to the second question.

Some scholars believed this virus should be saved in hopes that it could be studied as part of a process of more fully understanding other viruses (such as HIV). What should be done? Could the quest for scientific knowledge be reconciled with the ethical claims of protecting public health? In January 1996, WHO voted to support the position of killing the laboratory samples by June 30, 1999.

When it appeared that passage was inevitable, opponents scrambled to find a way to stop this bill. An ingenious strategy struck them. What if the law were rewritten to include a provision calling for protection against discriminatory treatment directed toward women as well as minorities? Wouldn’t that be so outrageous as to ensure defeat for the entire law? Assuming the answer to that question was yes, opponents introduced such a provision. The act passed, however. S. cultural assumptions. A great irony stems from this episode: A measure that has subsequently served to uphold the legal rights of women was introduced by opponents of both the women’s movement and the civil rights movement.

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