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This is the audio/video dividing line. Final Cut Pro has a position-sensitive mouse pointer. When you move it over certain parts of the interface, the pointer will automatically change to allow you to perform a specific function in that location. Here you can drag the audio/video dividing line up or down to allow more room for either audio or video tracks in the Timeline. 8. Hold down the Control key and click in the gray area of the Name column in the Browser window. A shortcut menu appears with a list of options for that specific area.

This may include information Final Cut Pro knows about an item (number of audio tracks, frame size, frame rate, and so on) or descriptive information you enter for further clarification, such as scene and take numbers. These columns will be covered in a later lesson. 11. Click the Browser Zoom button again to return to the default Browser layout. NOTE If you resize an OS X window manually after clicking the Zoom button, clicking that button again will take you back to the most recent size, not the original window size.

Viewing Project Elements You can view project elements in the Browser several different ways. You can view elements as image icons or as an alphabetized list. With a View As Icons option, you see a visual reference or thumbnail image of each video clip. Seeing a clip's thumbnail image can be a helpful reminder of your material. With the View As List option, you can see and have access to more clips in a smaller space. 1. To see what view is currently selected, hold down the Control key and click in the empty gray space of the Name column in the Browser window.

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