Archaeological Prediction and Risk Management: Alternatives by Hans Kamermans, Martijn van Leusen, Philip Verhagen

By Hans Kamermans, Martijn van Leusen, Philip Verhagen

The Netherlands is among the few international locations in Europe the place historical past specialists and land builders use predictive modeling to prevent destroying destiny archaelocial websites, even if many students contemplate the appliance for this function hugely debatable. The members to Archaeological Prediction and threat Management supply an outline of a number of the equipment of predictive modeling and evaluation how the types are, or might be, utilized by stakeholders in cultural history administration within the Netherlands.

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De Indicatieve Kaart van Archeologische Waarden, derde generatie. Rapportage Archeologische Monumentenzorg 155. Amersfoort: RACM Jansen, B. M. Roymans 2002. Het Land van Cuijk, gemeente Cuijk; een archeologische verwachtingskaart. Amsterdam: RAAP-rapport 828 Leusen, M. van and H. Kamermans (eds) 2005. Predictive Modelling for Archaeological Heritage Management: A research agenda. Nederlandse Archeologische Rapporten 29. A. Tebbens (eds) 2005. Gemeente Enschede Archeologische verwachtingskaart. 238 SIKB 2006.

Stein, een gemeente vol oudheden een archeologisch beleidskaart voor de gemeente Stein. Leiden: Archol rapport 29 32 4. 1 Summary The Dutch national archaeological knowledge centre, the National Service for Archaeology, Cultural Landscape and Built Heritage (RACM) has formulated an archaeological predictive model: the Indicative Map of Archaeological Values (Indicatieve Kaart Archeologische Waarden, IKAW, Deeben et al. 1997; 2002; Deeben 2008). In a short time, this map has had far-reaching consequences for spatial planning in the Netherlands.

Instead, they are frustrated by the fact that the ‘rules of the game’ are continuously changed during the AHM process, and that decisions are based on expert judgement without a clear scientific vision on the value of archaeology. As a result, the whole process may look like an endless tunnel, and archaeology is seen as a planning condition that is completely out of control. In comparison with other environmental factors like ecology, noise pollution and soil quality, archaeology lacks a clear degree of objectivity and thus professionalism.

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