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By default, pressing CTRL+C copies highlighted text to the Clipboard. Pressing CTRL+V pastes text from the Clipboard to the text or command window. If you right-click in the command window or text window, AutoCAD displays a shortcut menu from which you can access the six most recently used commands, copy selected text or the entire command history, paste text, and access the Options dialog box. For most commands, a command line with two or three lines of previous prompts, called the command history, is sufficient for viewing and editing.

Command line GRAPHSCR To copy text from the text window to the command line 1 If the text window is not displayed, press F2 to display it. 2 Select the text you want to copy. 3 Right-click in the command window or text window and choose Paste to Command Line. AutoCAD copies the text to the Clipboard and pastes it on the command line. After you press ENTER, AutoCAD executes the commands in sequence, like a script. You can also use CTRL + C and CTRL + V to copy and paste text. 40 | Chapter 3 The Command Window Switch Between Dialog Boxes and the Command Line Some functions are available both on the command line and in a dialog box.

Repeat and Cancel Commands If you want to repeat a command that you have just used, press ENTER or SPACEBAR , or right-click your pointing device at the Command prompt. You also can repeat a command by entering multiple, a space, and the command name, as shown in the following example: Command: multiple circle To cancel a command in progress, press ESC . 36 | Chapter 3 The Command Window Interrupt a Command with Another Command or System Variable Many commands can be used transparently: that is, they can be entered on the command line while you use another command.

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