Banach Lattices and Positive Operators by H. H. Schaefer

By H. H. Schaefer

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Mod k C 2/; where l and are defined as above. R; ; S /, and the weights r0 ; : : : ; rk and s0 ; : : : ; sk 1 satisfy Eqs. (1) and (2). 1 Using this results we can estimate the length of the elements in this subgroup. Furthermore, Burillo, Cleary, Stein and Taback gave an estimation of the length of elements in T in the number of carets in [2]. As a consequence of both results, we obtain: Proposition 3. Z/ is non distorted in Thompson’s group T . Corollary 4. Z/ as ˛ a subgroup of Thompson’s group T .

Let ‰ be an endomorphism of G D Zm Fn , with n 2. , det Q D ˙1). t u The hopficity of Zm and Fn together with this last proposition provide immediately the following results. Corollary 5. Zm Fn is hopfian and not cohopfian. t u 2) is an automorphism if Corollary 6. Z/. t u Now we have the ingredients to prove the main result of this note. Theorem 7. G; End G/ is solvable. Sketch of the proof. b; v/ 2 G, and have to decide whether there exists an automorphism (resp. monomorphism, endomorphism) of Zm Fn sending one to the other; and in the affirmative case, find one of them.

Math. 96(3), 613–638 (1989) 6. Z. C. Turner, Fixed subgroups of homomorphisms of free groups. Bull. Lond. Math. Soc. 18 468–470 (1986) 7. S. Maslakova, Fixed point subgroup of an automorphism of a free group. Algebra Log. 42(4), 422–472 (2003) (in Russian) 8. S. Maslakova, Fixed point subgroup of an automorphism of a free group. D. thesis, 2004. html 9. C. Turner, Finding indivisible Nielsen paths for a train tracks map, in Combinatorial and Geometric Group Theory: Proceedings of a Workshop, Held at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, 1993.

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