Biotechnology of aroma compounds by R G Berger; et al

By R G Berger; et al

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Thus, y-decalactone is important in creating high quality fruit flavours. Although y-decalactone can be synthesised easily by conventional chemistry, the consumer demand for 'natural' flavours created a need for a biotechnologically produced material. In addition, 7-decalactone is a chiral molecule, and Combiningthe TechnicalPush and the BusinessPull for Natural Flavours 27 molecules extracted from fruit have a defined stereospecificity. The (R)-isomer predominates in peaches and most other fruit, but appreciable amounts of the (S)-isomer are found in some varieties of mango.

More conventional technologies can also be used; for instance, Yasuyuki et al. [-46] enhanced the glutamine content of the kojiderived Huki seasonings by treating them with immobilised glutaminase. Also Noguchi et al. [27] produced 51-IMP from 5t-AMP derived from ribonucleasetreated yeast using deaminase. Uses of genetic engineering also extends to useful characteristics that are only indirectly related to flavour production, such as increasing the phage resistance of lactobacillii or eliminating 13-glucan production.

13. Various biosynthetic routes that have been used to make vanillin, the key flavour-conferring component of vanilla (from [54]) 36 Peter S. J. Cheetham An alternative is to use organised vanilla-plant tissue as the biocatalyst. This is possible because the vanilla plant is a climbing orchid that forms many aerial roots. When young, these roots are covered by numerous fine hairs which give them a high absorptive capacity. It was found that when the aerial roots were incubated with ferulic acid it was converted into vanillin (Fig.

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