Black & Decker Here's How...Decks: Build Your Very Own Deck by Editors of CPi

By Editors of CPi

Here’s How…Decks deals the fundamentals of  construction a complete deck from begin to end, at a value by no means prior to provided. for only $10.00, readers get entire directions and illustrations for laying out and construction a uncomplicated deck. proposing this difficult undertaking via a chain of 12 easy-to-follow steps, the publication makes deck building effortless and reasonable for the value-conscious shopper. This booklet good points an identical caliber info and world-class colour images made well-known within the best-selling entire advisor to Decks, yet at a brand new, cheap cost.

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2 Position a deck board tight against the T-clips. Loosely attach T-clips against bottom lip on front side of deck board, just tight enough to keep the board in place. Fully tighten T-clips at back of board, against the house. 4 Cover exposed deck board ends. Miter cut corners of the facing, and drill pilot holes 3⁄4 the diameter of the screws. Attach with 3" galvanized deck screws. Laying Decking ■ 45 ■ How to Install Decking with Spiked Clips 1 2 3 46 ■ HERE'S HOW: DECKS Drive a spiked clip into the edge of wood decking at joist locations.

Level the 2 × 4, then lower its post end 1⁄4" for every 3 ft. between the ledger and the post (for water runoff). Draw a line on the post along the bottom of the 2 × 4. This line indicates the top of the joists. 12 From the line shown in step 11, measure down and mark the posts a distance equal to the width of the joists. 13 Use a square to draw a line completely around the post. This line indicates the top of the beam. From this line, repeat steps 12 and 13 to determine the bottom of the beam.

The deck’s weight is transferred to the posts, as in a post-and-beam deck. In years past, a third style of beam construction, called sandwiching, was also generally acceptable for deck construction. It consisted of two beams that straddled both sides of the post, connected by long through bolts. Because this method has less strength than the saddle or notched styles, it is no longer approved by most building codes. Tools & Materials Tape measure Pencil Circular saw Paint brush Combination square Screwgun Drill 3 ⁄8" auger bit 1" spade bit Ratchet wrench Caulk gun Reciprocating saw or handsaw Pressure-treated lumber Clear sealer-preservative 21⁄2" galvanized deck screws 10d joist hanger nails 3 ⁄8 × 8" carriage bolts with washers and nuts 3 ⁄8 × 2" lag screws Silicone caulk 30 ■ HERE'S HOW: DECKS Deck beams, resting in a notch on the tops of the posts and secured with through bolts and nuts, guarantee strong connections that will bear the weight of your deck.

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