Body Heat: Temperature and Life on Earth by Mark S. Blumberg

By Mark S. Blumberg

even if you're a polar endure giving delivery to cubs in an Arctic iciness, a camel going days with no water within the wasteland warmth, or purely a suburbanite with no air con in a warmth wave, your convenience or even survival depend upon how good you adapt to severe temperatures.

during this exciting and illuminating e-book, biopsychologist Mark Blumberg explores the numerous ways in which temperature ideas the lives of all animals (including us). He strikes from the actual ideas that govern the move of warmth out and in of bodies to the numerous complicated evolutionary units animals use to use these rules for his or her personal gain.

within the technique Blumberg tells fantastic tales of evolutionary and medical ingenuity--how penguins stand up to Antarctic winters by way of huddling jointly by means of the hundreds of thousands, how weak embryos of many species are to extremes of temperature in the course of their improvement, why humans live to tell the tale hour-long drowning injuries in iciness yet no longer in summer season, how definite crops generate warmth (the skunk cabbage sufficient to soften snow round it). We additionally listen of structures long past awry--how wilderness species given an excessive amount of water can drink themselves into bloated immobility, why anorexics usually whinge of feeling chilly, and why you can't sleep if the room is just too scorching or too chilly. After examining this publication, you'll by no means examine a thermostat in particularly an identical method back.

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5. 5 Figure 2 Change in relative surface area as objects increase in size. The cube on the left is a unit cube. As larger cubes are constructed using the unit cube, the surface-to-volume ratio decreases, a relationship referred to as the Surface Law. 5. Thus, as an object grows, its volume grows faster than its surface area. This principle is known as the Surface Law, and it is as fundamental to an understanding of biology as the Laws of Thermodynamics are to an understanding of physics. Now let’s consider that piece of candy that you place in your mouth.

So instead it dilates blood vessels that pass through its layer of blubber on the way to the skin, thus increasing the transportation of heat from the body core to the surface, where it is lost to the cool outside air. R A D I AT I O N Conduction entails the transfer of heat through direct contact between the atoms within a physical body. But not all heat transfer requires contact. You need not actually touch the iron skillet on your stove to know that it’s hot—placing your hand a few inches away from it will do.

It is the presence of these channels that is the stroke of genius. TEMPERATURE: A USER’S GUIDE 43 Here’s how it works: Beginning in the nest’s basement, air is warmed by the fermentation of fungus and by the 2 million termite inhabitants; carbon dioxide is released as a metabolic by-product. The warm nest air rises to the attic, where it encounters the cooler air in the wall channels. As it loses heat, the air falls down through the channels, and as it falls, the high levels of carbon dioxide diffuse through the walls of the nest to the outside air.

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