Bose Algebras: The Complex and Real Wave Representations by Torben T. Nielsen

By Torben T. Nielsen

The arithmetic of Bose-Fock areas is equipped at the idea of a commutative algebra and this algebraic constitution makes the speculation attractive either to mathematicians without heritage in physics and to theorectical and mathematical physicists who will right now realize that the favourite set-up doesn't imprecise the direct relevance to theoretical physics. the well known advanced and actual wave representations seem right here as normal results of the fundamental mathematical constitution - a mathematician accustomed to classification idea will regard those representations as functors. Operators generated through creations and annihilations in a given Bose algebra are proven to offer upward thrust to a brand new Bose algebra of operators yielding the Weyl calculus of pseudo-differential operators. The ebook could be beneficial to mathematicians attracted to research in infinitely many dimensions or within the arithmetic of quantum fields and to theoretical physicists who can benefit from using an efficient and rigrous Bose formalism.

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