Brassica Oilseeds: Breeding and Management by Arvind Kumar, Surinder S. Banga, Prabhu Dyal Meena, Priya

By Arvind Kumar, Surinder S. Banga, Prabhu Dyal Meena, Priya Ranjan Kumar

Oilseed brassicas are one of the greatest traded agricultural commodities and are grown in round 50 international locations all over the world. applied for either intake and bioenergy use, call for is expanding and this e-book covers the complete gamut of oilseed brassicas. starting with an advent after which geared up into sections, it reports genetics and genomics (including breeding, heterosis and choice equipment) and rigidity administration and critical pathogens, to supply an entire assessment of brassica oilseeds.

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Several of the advance breeding programmes use molecular markers to increase selection efficiency.  rapa, B. oleracea and B. napus and the development of saturated linkage maps and comparative genomics in brassicas and Arabidopsis has the enormous potential for application in gene identification and breeding (http://www. info). This information is likely to improve selection efficiency. In addition, marker-­ assisted selection during backcrossing can help to eliminate linkage drag and hasten the recovery of a recurrent genotype.

In addition, marker-assisted selection during backcrossing can help to eliminate linkage drag and hasten the recovery of a recurrent genotype. Work on breeding of zero erucic acid mustard was initiated following the identification of low erucic acid lines Zem 1 and Zem 2 by Kirk and Oram (1981). , 1998). The high erucic acid trait in B. , 2004). Further refinement in the genetic analysis was undertaken by Gupta et al. (2004) with an aim to develop markers tagged to erucic acid for use in the marker-assisted selection of low/high Genetics and Breeding 19 genomics with Arabidopsis to identify genelinked SSR markers to seed glucosinolate content in B.

Juncea lines are yellow-seeded. Some exotic cultivars such as Skorospieka, Donskaja and Zem exist in the germplasm collection as potential donors of the yellow-seeded trait in breeding programmes. , 1974). , 1995; Slominski, 1997). In addition, it is easier to determine the degree of physiological maturity in yellow seeds, as the occurrence of chlorophyll is not masked by the dark seed-coat colour. Furthermore, yellow-seeded lines have better market value as yellow seeds produce bright yellow-coloured oil, which is rated superior to the dull-coloured oil obtained from brown-­ seeded lines.

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