Capitalism and Automation: Revolution in Technology and by Ramin Ramtin

By Ramin Ramtin

The pc has already revolutionized many features of our operating lives. How a long way has this revolution but to run? Will human labour not be wanted sooner or later? And if this is the case, what's going to be the influence at the improvement of our society? Ramin Ramtin explores those questions in his learn of the pc. He considers how the micro-chip might ultimately have repercussions that transcend easing the workplace work-load and argues convincingly that technological swap will impact our political in addition to our fiscal structures. Marxian idea is used to give an explanation for the character and personality of expertise and problem conventional assumptions about the use of expertise. the speculation of capitalist breakdown is explored and elevated upon inside this context.

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The intelligence of production still came from the machinist who made the tape by producing the first part. Numerical control, however, was based upon an entirely different philosophy of manufacturing. The specifications for a part - the information contained in an engineering blueprint - are first broken down into a mathematical representation of the part, then into mathematical description of the desired path of the cutting tool along up to five axes, and finally into hundreds or thousands of discrete instructions, translated into electrical signals for the machine controls.

Therefore, I think it is important to go beyond Braverman's very Important contribution to our understanding of capitalist control and the process of the degradation of labour. The significance of his statement that 'the progressive elimination of the control functions of the worker ... and their transfer to a device which is controlled ... by management from outside the direct [Iabour-RRJ process',45 can be more fully appreciated if we relate It to the implications of automation for value and surplus-value creation.

It goes without saying that this study is not committed to a specified time-span; or to the prediction of the 'exact' time of capital's final hour. As regards the so-called 'neutrality' of the technological system of automation (or indeed any form of technology) and Its application and use under a different social system (socialism, communism, or whatever), I take the standpoint that while technology cannot be 'neutral' (in whatever sense this notion Is meant), any new social system necessarily (as is evident from historical records) Inherits the productive forces developed under the old system.

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