CIM – Mechanical Aspects. State of the Art Report by D. Gareth R. Evans (Eds.)

By D. Gareth R. Evans (Eds.)

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During the last 50 years, the tools of investigating dynamic homes have led to major advances. This booklet explores dynamic trying out, the tools used, and the experiments played, putting a specific emphasis at the context of bounded medium elastodynamics. Dynamic exams have confirmed to be as effective as static assessments and are usually more straightforward to exploit at reduce frequency.

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Too often such systems are installed with little in the way of strategic objectives or criteria to measure success in meeting these. Where criteria do exist they are often defined in a narrow technical or financial sense rather than taking into account the wider context of the effect that technology might have on the business environment. For example, FMS might be judged on narrow criteria within the production sphere — throughputs, speeds, labour savings, etc — rather than by other strategic benefits which may (or may not) ensue, such as improved competitiveness as a result of shorter lead times and greater agility in the marketplace.

CIM is only a small part of this but computer-integrated enterprise encompasses all of it. Revolutions require a total change of attitude and a new vision, as does the computer-integrated enterprise. 41 4: CIM in an assembly plant A J Domenico A S Bagot Electronic Data Systems London UK Vauxhall Motors, the UK subsidiary of General Motors (GM), has built a new paint plant, which incorporates the very latest technology and introduces new techniques in the paint process. The information technology introduced within the plant is highly integrated and vital to producing the high quality of paint deman­ ded in today's automobiles.

Therefore many companies will consider that they have accomplished CIM if they can finally integrate their CAD/CAM systems using a common database. CIM is still being confused with the installation of a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) with Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and other robots. Some companies have gone further and have conceived CIM as a sophisticated scheme to provide comprehensive computer and machine-tool facilities networked together with existing systems via data management tools — a linking of CAD/CAM and MRP II via a common data structure.

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