Code of Best Practice for Experimentation (CCRP Publication by David S. Alberts

By David S. Alberts

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The cause and effect relationships hypothesized must be fully understood and the conditions necessary for success must be known. Note that demonstration experiments should be few in number and organized primarily to educate potential users of the innovation and those responsible for deciding (1) whether the innovation should be adopted and (2) how the innovation should be resourced. They sometimes also yield knowledge about how the innovation can be employed effectively. The greatest danger in demonstration experimentation is attempting it too soon – when the innovation is immature.

To rely on any single experiment to “prove” that a particular innovation should be adopted or will provide a well-understood set of military benefits. Indeed, in academic settings, no single experiment is relied on to create new knowledge. Instead, scholars expect that experimentation results will be repeatable and will fit into a pattern of knowledge on related topics. ). Placing the results in the context of other research and experimentation provides reasons to believe that the results are valid and also help to provide linkages to the causal mechanisms at work.

In fact, there is nothing so practical as a good theory and the set of conditions under which it applies). These initial experiments are typically followed by a number of in-depth experiments that explore alternative cause-and-effect patterns, sets of limiting conditions, and temporal dynamics. Most of the effort necessary to mature knowledge on a given topic will be consumed in these hypothesis testing experiments. As hypothesis testing experiments go forward, the relevant measures, tools, and techniques needed for successful experimentation are also refined and matured.

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