Consecration of Images and Stupas in Indo-Tibetan Tantric by Yael Bentor

By Yael Bentor

This research of the Indo-Tibetan ritual for consecrating photographs, "stupas", books and temples relies on an exam of suitable Tibetan textual fabric contained in Tantras, commentaries, ritual manuals and explanatory works on consecration.

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ARs phyag-rgya'i fing-'dzin-l'IIams de'i sbyong-byed yinpas gang-wI? ~ grub-pas-so/ p. 2-6. -ha'i yul de yang/ de nas bzung-Sli! -tu 'dzin-pa mlhong-ba'i phyir-ro/ der rna-wel shyang khrus sogs rah-gnas-kyi rnam-gzhag thams-cad 'jig-rfen-pa'i blo 'Ia ltos nas gsungs-pa kho-nu-stel pp. 2. INTRODUCTION 27 Brag-phug Dge-bshes goes on to provide citations from tantras, such as those translated above,75 to demonstrate that consecration is performed only in conventional, and not ultimate truth. As we have seen, not only the initiation of a receptacle, but virtually everything is unnecessary from the point of view of ultimate truth.

49 While the ye-shes sems-dpa' might be regarded as parallel in a way to the dharma body (dharmakaya), after the transformation of the receptacle in the third among the core rituals of the consecration,50 the receptacle becomes an emanation body. In the foHowing verse from the Consecration and Sarrzvarodaya Tantras which is recited in almost every consecration the descent into the receptacle is equated with the periodic birth of emanation bodies of the Buddha in the sal'flSaric world. 52 The conception of consecrated receptacles as emanation body is evident also, for example, in the request made by the ritual master in the consecration work by Brag-phug Dge-bshes.

Chos-kyi 'byunggnas nang-du-ste/ bzhugs-pa gang-gi gnas-rnams-su! dus thams-cad-du rab-gnas-pa'o! Toh. 372, p. 3-5. rab-tu gnas-par bya-bar nus/ slob-ma dang-bas gsol 'debspast bsod-nams-phyir ni bya-ba-ste! Tah. 373. pp. 1. The Sanskrit is somewhat different: si,yyasyadhye$aIJa-sraddhart:/ karttavyart:/ pUlJya-hetuta~1 nirvvikalpaka-rupelJ a prati$fha-deva-sthdpanaY(lf (Bentor, in preparation I). " IThe answer is:] since ultimately there are no mental elaborations of establishing agent (gnas-byed) and that which is to be established (ralJ-lu gnas-hya), the establishing/consecrationis unnecessary.

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