Context Providers: Conditions of Meaning in Media Arts by Margot Lovejoy, Victoria Vesna, Christiane Paul

By Margot Lovejoy, Victoria Vesna, Christiane Paul

Context Providers explores the ways that electronic artwork and tradition are tough and altering the artistic approach and our methods of creating that means. The authors introduce the idea that of artists as context providers—people who identify networks of knowledge in a hugely collaborative artistic procedure, blurring obstacles among disciplines. Technological switch has affected the functionality of artwork, the position of the artist, and how inventive productions are shared, making a want for versatile details filters as a framework for setting up that means and identification. Context Providers considers the paintings of media artists at the present time who're without delay attractive the clinical group via collaboration, lively discussion, and inventive paintings that demanding situations the scientific.

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Laclau, Ernesto & Mouffe, Chantal (1985), Hegemony and Socialist Strategy: Towards a Radical Democratic Politics, London: Verso. ” Latour, Bruno (1994), “On Technical Mediation—Philosophy, Sociology, Genealogy,” Common Knowledge, 3: 2, pp. 29–64. Lipps, Theodor (1902), Von der Form der ästhetischen Apperception, Halle: M. Niemeyer. ” Penny, Simon (1995), “Consumer culture and the technological imperative: The artist in dataspace,” in S. ), Critical Issues in Electronic Media, New York: State University of New York Press.

While Warner Cable chairman Gustave M. Hauser used the rhetorics of novelty and opposition to claim that, “We are entering the era of participatory as opposed to passive television,” D’Agostino argued that such “participation is defined solely by the formal properties of the medium—rather than its content “ (D’Agostino 1980: 15). Predictably, though unexpectedly, the cable-cast component of the artist’s proposal was cancelled “due to ‘special programming’” and was never rescheduled by the network.

46 Missing In Action: Agency and Meaning In Interactive Art The meaningfulness of interpersonal engagement and the psychological stakes of interaction must be extended. Once this territory is accessed, the moral, political, and affective considerations of human activity come into question—and that is meaningful. As we noted earlier, despite exaggerated claims to the contrary, authorial power and agency in digital multimedia remain largely entrenched in the purview of artists, while viewers, as D’Agostino so astutely noted in 1978, get to select how they like their eggs cooked.

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