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Use this brush to add flat color on the new layer in all empty regions of the figures and the stars. Choose colors from the background via the eyedropper or select them from the swatches palette. Increase or decrease the size of the brush tip as necessary. Brush size When you have a brush selected, a quick way to increase or decrease the brush size incrementally is to use the square bracket keys on the keyboard. Press the ‘]’ key to increase the diameter, or press the ‘[‘ key to decrease the diameter.

Also, increase the brush diameter and reduce the flow setting. With these brush settings, paint some larger, softer strokes here and there on the current layer. Chapter 3 Graffiti Spray Paint Art 17 I And now for what is becoming a familiar operation, again, return to the drips image file. Paste some selected drips into a new alpha channel. Generate a selection from the channel and fill the selected areas with the same red foreground color on the current layer. Deactivate the selection. Feel free at this point to embellish the image by painting some finer strokes of vibrant color on top of the existing layers on a new layer.

Select your spatter brush preset from the tool preset picker. Now use the spatter brush to paint some light, yet rougher brush strokes over your recently blended areas on the new layer. Use colors sampled from the canvas or from the ever-growing amount of custom swatches in the swatches palette. Vary the brush size and opacity as needed. You probably want to leave the flow setting fairly low, so that the bristles remain pronounced in each stroke. Brush opacity When you are working with the brush tool, a quick way to alter the brush opacity is to simply use the number keys on the keyboard as you paint.

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