Day of Atonement (Rogue Angel, Book 54) by Alex Archer, Steven Savile

By Alex Archer, Steven Savile

A reckoning that would ruin them all…

Trials, persecutions, fake accusations, the Inquisition—for archaeologist and television host Annja Creed, the present episode they're taping for her express is an interesting one. yet whereas Annja is filming the final section in France, a vicious "accident" approximately kills her. It seems to be to be unintentional…until a guy calling himself Cauchon claims responsibility.

The identify Cauchon moves a chord within the exceptionally—some could say unnaturally— lengthy reminiscence of Annja's good friend and mentor Roux. gaining knowledge of the outdated man's mystery years in the past, Cauchon desired to blackmail Roux sooner than destiny positioned the problem to leisure. Or so Roux proposal. Now this robust enthusiast has became from looking for the divine to allotting "justice." Vengeance. And he'll single-handedly resurrect the violence of the Inquisition to make sure that Annja and her good friend are judged and located accountable. With loads at stake, Annja might quickly locate that comradeship will be deadly.

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