Deep-Sky Companions: The Secret Deep by Stephen James O'Meara

By Stephen James O'Meara

During this clean record, Stephen James O'Meara offers 109 new gadgets for stargazers to monitor. the key Deep record includes many unparalleled items, together with a planetary nebula whose final thermal pulse produced a circumstellar shell just like the single anticipated within the ultimate days of our Sun's lifestyles; a section of the one supernova remnant recognized obvious to the unaided eye; the flattest galaxy recognized; the biggest edge-on galaxy within the heavens; the brightest quasar; and the spouse big name to at least one of the 1st black gap applicants ever came upon. each one item is followed by way of appealing pictures and sketches, unique finder charts, visible histories and up to date astrophysical details to complement the looking at adventure. that includes galaxies, clusters and nebulae now not coated in different Deep-Sky partners books, it is a awesome addition to the sequence and an important advisor for any deep-sky observer.

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H e r s c h e l : None. n g c : None. S t o c k 2 i s a s u r p r i s i n g ly b r i g h t and large open cluster about 2 northnorthwest of the great Double Cluster in Perseus. Like the latter wonder, it lies near the Galactic equator in the stellar tapestry of the winter Milky Way. ), which makes it less obvious; imagine seeing two concentrated flashlight beams against a distant background versus that of a single diffuse beam. Indeed, the irregularly bright suns of Stock 2 are coarsely scattered across two Moon diameters of sky in a rich band of Milky Way, causing it to almost blend with the background.

Despite its somewhat ungainly appearance in some images (which tend to burn out the core), NGC 1084 is, at a glance, a typical, late-type spiral galaxy, receding from us at about 1,500 km/sec. Like other Sc galaxies, NGC 1084 has a small central nucleus compared to its main massive spiral arms, two of which form a regular grand-design S-shaped spiral pattern with much irregular structure, bright knots and emission objects. But while NGC 1084’s northwestern arm is well defined (being lined on its inside edge with a dust lane), the spiral pattern on the eastern side of the galaxy (the one nearest to us) is not so easy to trace; here, two arms start as thin, luminous threads that overlap after unwinding Deep-Sky Companions 8 by half a turn – beyond that the spiral pattern is confused, being a mishmash of dust lanes and feathery spiral segments.

NGC 936’s nuclear region takes magnification well, so crank it up! I studied the inner lens at 330Â with little problem. At that magnification I could see its prominent bar with weak concentrations on either end of it. I could not justify seeing bright arcs, just a ring of light around that lens, though I’m certain larger telescopes can eek out such minute detail. 8 supernova in NGC 936 through his 12-inch reflector. He found it about 2000 southeast of the nucleus, noting that he detected nothing to magnitude 15 on July 3 UT.

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