Demonstrative Proof In Defence Of God: A Study Of Titus Of by Nils Arne Pedersen

By Nils Arne Pedersen

This quantity is the 1st vast examine of a Christian paintings from the 4th century, Titus of Bostra's Contra Manichaeos, that is the one textual content from the early Greek Church taking off a finished theodicy. The examine illuminates the text's relation to modern theology and philosophy and translates it within the gentle of the ideological conflicts among pagans, Catholic Christians and Manichaeans within the 4th century. It contains an exam of the potential Manichaean resources utilized by Titus, and, additionally, a severe textual content examine and translation of primary passages in Contra Manichaeos, dependent either at the Greek textual content and the Syriac model of it.

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26 In the present study the term “heresy” will also be employed as a designation for false teaching in reference to the Catholics’ views or as a looser conventional designation for non-Catholic Christianity seen from the Catholic Church’s point of view. Again there is no question of reproducing the classic concepts of Church and heresy. 2. Overview of the study’s structure It remains for me to present an overview of the structure of this study that will serve to guide the reader through the extensive material.

51). Mani’s reasoning is that fire is both curative and consuming, but he overlooks the fact that this separation touches only on the use of fire, not on its nature. 52). 53). The sun constitutes a subject all of its own. Mani praises the sun for not being mixed with evil, and Titus accepts that the sun originates from only one of the four elements, the substance of heat; it also shares the nature of fire in both warming when it is at a distance and burning when it is too close. The nature of fire is more glorious than the other elements’ nature, for whereas their natural direction is downwards, the nature of fire is upwards; through its fineness it is lighter than air, which it overpowers by climbing above it, since it is finer in its affinity with the sun.

The purpose of the good one, however, was to free the soul and to scoop it out of matter; this happens through the aid of the moon, which is like a pail, as is clear from its waxing and waning. 17). The Manichaean material that has been presented is then refuted by Titus in Ch. 18–37. Titus’s refutation initially builds on the distinction between necessity of nature and free, rational action. He is mostly concerned with 20 chapter two the following question: if the growth of matter happened as a necessity of nature, it must have taken place for all eternity and not just before the attack on the Kingdom of Light.

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