Design with Climate: Bioclimatic Approach to Architectural by Olgyay, Victor

By Olgyay, Victor

Examines diversified strategies to the issues of look after and offers insights into the consequences of weather on human setting. the writer isolates 4 precise climates - temperate, cool, hot-arid and hot-humid - and explains their results on orientation, air circulation, websites and materials.

Written forty years in the past it's nonetheless some of the most complete books ever on bioclimatic structure. presents a step-by-step advisor to knowing, studying and using bioclimatic ideas for architectural layout. it really is reliable reference for many universal instances, with reliable theoretical details and consultant to useful applications.
However restricted this day while facing advanced bioclimatic/bioenvironmental structure circumstances, it truly is nonetheless a good connection with comprehend extra or extra complicated techniques.

It is meant for architectural layout pros, the place learn on neighborhood weather and building fabrics will nonetheless wanted earlier than fixing a given bioclimatic problem.


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