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Pondicherry & Navagraha Temples

  • Places Covered : Pondicherry city tour & 9 temples dedicated for Navagraha / Nine Planets
  • Price : Starts from Rs. 22,600/-
  • People : 2 Adults + 1 child
  • Duration : 3 Nights / 4 Days


Day 1

Pick up from Chennai airport, (150 kms, 3 hours) and check-in at Hotel.

After Lunch, take a Heritage tour of Pondicherry covering Beach Promenade, Monuments, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Museum & French Colonial buildings.

Overnight stay at Pondicherry.

Day 2

At. 5.30 A.m, Start your temple tour of Nine Planets :
Vaitheeshwaran Temple: Mars
Mars showers on his devotee's benefits such as good harvest in the fields, good income and save his devotees from suffering.  Mars is worshiped on Tuesdays by offering red flowers.

Thiruvenkadu : Mercury
Budhan Baghawan worshipped in Thiruvenkadu Temple will give bliss.  He bestows Lord Shiva devotees with the knowledge in Astrology, Sculpture, and Medical treatment of paralysis.  He also grants power of expression and success in education, literary pursuits, fame in fine arts, and profession and good relations with scholars.  Wednesday is the day to worship him offering green colour items and he likes white kanthal.

Keezha Perumpallam : Ketu Baghawan
Good effect of Ketu will improve financial position, good health, mental peace and happiness.  Worshipping and fasting on Tuesday will
relieve the ill effect to a great extend.  Worship of Ketu is best done on Tuesday.

After lunch, visit:
Thirunallar Shani temple : Saturn
This temple has many holy tanks and one of it is known as Nala Theertham that is considered most sacred.  It is located in the Northwest part of the temple.  King Nala took bath in this Tank and got rid of adverse and evil effect.  Saturdays are the most appropriate days for worshipping Sri Sani Baghawan.  Favourable effect of Sri Sani Baghawan will result in many fortunes and benefits like good health, success in all endeavours, peace of mind, proper respect from members of family and relations, prosperity, interest and enthusiasm in life.

Thirunageswaram : Rahu Baghawan
By worshiping Rahu we may get favourable effect such as improvement in financial position, increase in comforts, disappearance of bad habits, development of good habits.  Rahu may be worshiped on any day.  It will reduce the ill effects considerably.

Overnight stay at Kumbakonam.

Day 3

After breakfast, visit :
Thingaloor : Moon Temple
Moon is one of the benevolent planets among the nine planets.  Monday is the main day of prayer for her.  Those who worship Moon are blessed with her favorable effect such as wealth, good health, and Mother's welfare & auspicious events in the family.

Suryanarkoil : Sun Temple
Suriyanar (Sun) Temple tower is 15.5 meter high.  Outside the Rajagopuram (main tower) in the north side there is a holy tank called Surya Pushkarni where one should take a bath, and those who are not in a position to bath should sprinkle water on their head.

Kanchanur : Sukra Baghawan (Venus)
Venus showers on her devotees many blessings such as health, happiness, comfortable life and wealth.  By worshiping Venus, one can obtain propitiation from Sukra Dosha (adverse effect) To get rid of evil effect in ones life Venus has to worship on Fridays.  She loves to be decorated with white cloths.

Alangudi : Guru Baghawan (Jupiter)
He is the Guru of the Devas, and with Guru's grace, even an illiterate person can become a great scholar.  The good effect of Guru comes in the form of success in life, prosperity and good events like marriages.

Overnight stay at Kumbakonam.

Day 4

Pick up from hotel and drop at Chennai airport (275 kms, 6 hours).

Hotel Category Rates (INR)* (for 2 Adults + 1 Child) Extra Person
2 Star Rs. 22,600 Rs. 1,800
3 Star Rs. 33,200 Rs. 3,000
4 Star Rs. 33,200 Rs. 3,000
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